Need for speed

My Mentor: “Do you do any speed workout at all”

Me: (Speed workout – what does she mean???)

Me : “No”

My Mentor: “That’s why you are stuck at the same pace”



MM: 1 km warmup 2×200 Meters 2×400 meters 1×800 meters Speed is full out with 60 second walking in between. This will ignite your fast twitch muscles and make you faster. Every week a new speed session.

Today’s run:

Goal – Run fast and I did!

Prep :

Nothing special

During the run:

All was well till the middle of ┬áthe 2nd 400 – I was blown! I struggled with the 800 and then I jogged back home at snail pace.

Post Run

There was this mild nausea, but it passed off soon. Post the run, while climbing down the stairs at home there was a tendon pain near the calf – I was worried about the sudden cramp like searing pain that happened about 6 months ago. But no such thing happened, and in about 10 minutes I was OK.

The energy levels through the day were good. There was a mild pain in the right heel and both knees.

This run gave me a new area to focus on – I’m looking forward to the next Tue for a repeat and probably a little push further.