Planning and executing a weekend long run

Goal: To cover 15 km at a moderate pace
Planning: Since I had an episode of cramps earlier this week, I wanted to be sure that my goal was not disturbed by a mid-run cramp or fatigue.
So I stuck to the advise of keeping myself properly hydrated all day yesterday and indulged in the banana-coconut water combo a few times. With around 7 hours of sleep under my belt, I set of this morning with a pain around the right ankle and inside of the knee. To stay hydrated, I carried a bottle of water mixing some OTC dextrose powder in it.

The Run:
With an easy stride and lower cadence, the 1st 5 kms were easy. This is about the time when there is a small gradient on the route and normally I get a little winded going up this slope. But, unlike normal days, I lowered the cadence even further but making sure that my posture was not affected and I wasn’t bouncing too much.
The rest of the run at a good rhythm was fun, the breathing easy and pains with which I stared vanishing giving way to newer ones.
Every time my watch told me I’d completed a kilometer, I’d force my self to drink some water. I eventually ran out of water around the 11th km.

Post run
I stretched by hamstring and calves.

The ankle is a little sore, hope to be rested and ready for Monday.

fitbit run timing - 08 July '17 - resized


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