A sudden cramp

“The body does not want you to do this. As you run, it tells you to stop but the mind must be strong. You always go too far for your body. You must handle the pain with strategy… It is not age; it is not diet. It is the will to succeed.”
Jacqueline Gareau

This morning’s run was intended to get back in the groove after a 2 day break and an earlier short run. The goal was run 8-9 km at a slow pace and followed by another similar distance but faster pace on Thursday before going 15 km on Saturday. Everything thing was ok till the half way mark. At the 5 km, there was a sudden sharp pain in my right calf –  I think it was a cramp and hope that it is not a tendinitis flare up. I walked for about 6-7 minutes hoping to wave down a motorist, and hitch a ride back home – that ploy did not work. So then, I mustered enough courage to give my calf a quick rub, apply the chi/pose running technique: Engage the core, bend slightly forward and use the hamstring. I was able to hobble back home.

A friend informed that Potassium deficiency causes such incidents and one should rely on bananas and coconut water. I intend to put this advice to use tomorrow still hoping to be ready for the 9km fast(er) run on Friday.

So looking forward to get back on Thursday stronger and get a PB for the 9 km mark!



3 thoughts on “A sudden cramp

  1. Had the exact same thing happen to me last week–and was quite annoyed since training starts this week. Like you trying to get my electrolytes and supplementation in order–going to be trying some salt chews because I lose A LOT of salt when I run. Also started using magnesium oil–it feels like that might actually be helping. But we will see tomorrow on my first run back after a couple days rest. Good luck to you!!

  2. Run this morning went great–no pain or cramping! My mom who is a holistic nutritionist recommended the magnesium oil to me a long time ago but I never used it consistently. Then this weekend she offered it again and I kind of rolled my eyes like it was a gimmick, to which she replied that I certainly did not have to use it but it was definitely not a gimmick and she offered up some real science behind it. Been using it the past few days now and I have to say, so far so good. I take magnesium as a supplement daily but from what I’ve read something about absorbing it through your skin is especially effective for cramping. I’m going to keep up with it, it’s certainly not hurting!!

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