Pushing it a little more this morning

Goal: Follow the previous 8 km with a little extra as part of the training plan


  • Previous night – moderately heavy but early dinner
  • Morning – a liter of water after waking up
  • Dynamic stretches – lunges, side-lunge, high-knee, knee bends, butt-kicks
  • Kept a tall upright posture with a very slight forward bent, while consciously engaging the core muscles.
  • Even pace all along, making sure that I enjoyed the run.
  • The goal was only to ensure that I exceeded the last run distance.

fitbit run timing - 29 Jun '17

After run:

  • As I kept the pace very easy, there was no pains at all – it thrills me that I’m able to do this distance more easily now.
  • Engaged in some stretching post run – static stretches for calves and quadriceps.
  • Energy levels were good through the day
  • Super Happy to have done the 9 kms today – a few years back when I was much younger, I couldn’t do it.
  • Looking forward to the week long run – targeting 12 km!!!

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