Running plan

I’ve have chosen to use the this plan to run my 1st half-marathon. Today was the 1st day of the plan and started here

training - start

Tried to keep the pace easy for the 1st half – 11:00 min/mile and a little faster in the 2nd half around 9:00 min/mile. The calf started acting up in the 2nd half with the tendon pain recurring. A cold pack post run didn’t do much to relive the pain. Getting a doctor’s appointment at the earliest is important now.
The post run stretching is also something that is missing in the routine. For the strength training, I’m looking at kits online. It also means that before buying the kit, I need to understand the strength training routine needed for running.

The routines I’m currently evaluating are:

The idea is to pick a sustainable initially easier routine and then look at advanced routines thereby avoid injury and fatigue.

The strength training kit, I’m looking to order is this.


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