Match the 450 words per day target…

Getting back into the routine of writing daily, and to do it as they say – allocate time of the day and space for this activity.
My goal is to pen/type 450 words each day about my pursuit to reclaim my life. So here goes…
This morning I resumed by riding and did an “easy” ride of a little over 11 miles. What was good about the ride was I could start as planned, mercifully no rains and associated bad road conditions, and the ride was as good as the previous ride in terms of average speed and average bpm. The highlight was climbing the flyover. I bettered my record on that lap and I made it today in about 4.5 minutes as opposed to the previous 5.5 minutes. But, the energy levels at the fag-end are not good at all – the stats say that the average speed plummets by half. On this lap, I need to sprint, but usually I’m just grinding it and average speeds of 9-10 mph. The route is a challenge too because I need to cut across busy traffic and as a result I lose my momentum. The idea going forward is to use last lap after the traffic as a cool down lap which means that the toughest mile would be immediately after the flyover. Should be interesting to try this out tomorrow – going flat-out after the currently hard flyover climb.
The plan is to improve the average speed each day and also the time in the saddle – average speed to 17 mph and ride time to 90 minutes.
With the current level of cardio vascular conditioning, two factors I think would help the average speed during the ride is – improved average cadence and smarter energy expenditure. With no indication of the wattage, the energy levels are a little messed up – I NEED A POWER METER. Till such time I get one, I would have to rely on hindsight i.e. see the speeds on the segments using fitbit & Endomondo trackers and plan the ride each morning to ensure that I remain below the speed threshold on fast segments so that I can conserve energy. And off the bike I need to improve the carb intake and improve my leg and core strength. The strength improvement project in itself is going to be slow and the current research I have on the topic is minimal. Joining a runners club and gym with a PT is the current plan to work on these areas rapidly. The short-term goal is improve the average speed to 15 mph by the 15th of September – tough considering that I may need to travel and personal commitments that are lined up, but then what is the fun in easy work. The key is to keep the focus and make small improvements daily – food, active minutes, water intake and total calories burnt (current goal is 3500 per/day a target I miss on most days).