Day 2.1: Morning

I forced myself out of bed at 4:45. My BP last evening was high 140/90 and I’m determined to set things right.

Just wore my shoes and headed out with a bottle of water and ran/walked 5 kms. I was tiring and had to slowdown to walk at least 3 times. I did not stretch today after getting back, need to ensure to get out earlier so that I have time to cool down. There seems to be a trace of a headache, but otherwise I’m feeling good.

Summary (Endomondo)
DISTANCE.         : 5.25 km
DURATION         : 39m:52s
AVG. SPEED      : 7.9 km/h
MAX. SPEED.     :10.8 km/h
CALORIES         : 459 kcal


Back after dropping the ball

I took it easy for the past couple of weeks, it was lethargy combined with lack of sleep and some mandatory certifications (exams) that had to be taken care of. I was away from work all these days but did not manage to workout – and I will set the rhythm back starting tonight – sleeping on time to ensure that I wake up on time.

The weight is back and the bad eating habits too. I will need to start cooking soon to manage the calorie intake.

Will log the morning routine and the daily routine starting tomorrow. The counter is reset to 100. Focus and push!