Day 5: Morning Routine

I hit the gym early and worked out on the elliptical and the cycle. The idea of going to the gym was to reduce the strain on my knees and back caused by running. Also I’m a little concerned about the soleus and the Achilles tendon.

The stretching routine pre-workout remain unchanged.

In all I fitbit tells me I managed to burn 800 calories during the workout

Post workout – the stretching routines was glutes, hamstring, quads, calves, soleus, adductor, abductor stretch

Awesome workout – I’m happy ūüôā !


Day 4: Through the day

It was an ok day – not as active as I’d have liked it to be.

Need to focus on conditioning and hydration tomorrow – especially HIT on the cycle with intensity.

I slept in, but I’m glad that I stuck it out and still managed to workout…I had a big diet deficit today of nearly 1000 calories – I feel nice and full, either my calculation is whacked or I did something just right. Will try out the same routine tomorrow.

96 to go!!!

Day 4: Morning Routine

As decided hit the gym and the exer-cycle early.

After a 10 minute warm up, I set of on moderate pace with the intention of completing 20 kms under 45 minutes. And I surprised myself by coming in home easily. I love cycling more than anything else! To me it is the fastest way to getting fit without injury worries.


– Quads

– Hamstring

– Back

– Adductors and Abductors

– Calves

Awesome morning work out!

Day 3: Through the day

It was a moderately active day, squeezed a few walks through it.

I remained well hydrated all along and the calorie deficit (as per fitbit) was around 750. The going is super good!

The body is still aching and especially the claves and hamstrings are stiff. Need to sleep it off. Tomorrow I’ll try and cycle in the gym instead of running to give my knees and back the much needed rest.

97 days to go!

Day 3: Morning Routine

The body ache couldn’t stop me today – I hit the road at the usual hour.

I¬†needed to dial down today, yeah even slower that my current pace, but I did not have the heart and continued at the usual pace. The stretching routine before and after were the same, except today I increased the “stretch time”. Also I added the soleus stretch in both the pre and post¬†jog routine:

Another fabulous morning everything going along as planned.

This morning I weighed – 73 kg.

Jog tracked by EndomondoDay 3:

Day 2: Through the day

The muscle soreness is back in the evening…someone once told me, while lifting, its a sign that you are doing it right – not sure if the same applies to running. The quads, glutes and the calf are sore, and the right ankle is also slightly painful. Need to watch out¬†to prevent the¬†soleus¬†strain during my¬†jog tomorrow.

I got in a long easy walk in the afternoon, felt ok, no pains or aches.

Hydration has not been very good today – it about 1700 ml, lesser than it should be. The food, especially the sugar intake was under control.

Overall, it has been a good day, I’m carrying the momentum through from yesterday.

Day 2: Morning Routine

I decided to go a little easy and mind my knees, ankle and the dreaded calf strain. The distance was the same, 5 kms, but at a reduced pace. I ensured that I stretched adequately before I started, the same stretching routine as Day 1. The only difference today was before I stretched, I spot marched to take my heart rate to the 120s.

Walk tracked by Endomondo:

Distance5.03 km

Post the walk, I stretched – again the same

– Quads : Standing Quad Stretch –

– Hamstring : Seated hamstring stretch –

– Calves: Gastrocnemius stretch –

РGlutes: Pretzel Stretch, Figure 4 Glute Stretch Р

– Butterfly Stretch:

– IT band Stretch: – This one I cheated on day 1. Got it right today

Stupendous Day 2 morning routine!